Don't let varicose veins get in the way of a great summer...

Summer is here and as more people get outdoors to go walking, swimming, biking, or just enjoy the sunny weather – there are some who won't. Why? Because they're embarrassed by their varicose veins. Or worse, they suffer with swollen, aching, heavy legs that get worse in hot weather. These uncomfortable symptoms may point to a serious underlying vein disease.

Summertime heat can intensify leg swelling, muscle cramps, aching, throbbing, and leg fatigue. Increased outdoor activity can cause swelling and/or pain too. This is no way to spend your summer.

Varicose veins can't regulate blood flow efficiently. Add the summer heat, yard work or a day at the beach and the swelling in your legs can worsen causing more pain and heaviness. If your varicose vein symptoms worsen during the summer months, we have some tips below that can help you relieve some discomfort. Or, you can call the Vein Center at UMC to schedule a screening and to talk with Dr. Dimitropoulos about the best treatment for you. You can also request an appointment online.